Transparency and Communication

The board’s decisions in the last year have raised concern. From decisions to cancel the track program to confrontations with the neighborhoods surrounding the college, the JCCC board has not done it’s due diligence to openly communicate with the Johnson County community.   The purpose of a community elected board of trustees is to ensure an openness between community investment and institution. Laura would work to ensure stakeholders are listened to and that decisions are communicated clearly with all.

Transfers to Kansas Universities

JCCC is a unique institution that is more than an average community college, but not a university. Laura intends to ask the board to take a look at our transfer articulation agreements to ensure that every class our students take can transfer to our Kansas Universities.  A recent Forbes article pointed out that university graduation rates for students who transfer in from community college is 75%. Making them the students most likely to graduate. Students who choose to go on to Kansas Universities should  be able to rely on all of their credits transferring. 

College Promise

Citizens with a two-year degree have a 25% lower unemployment rate than citizens with a high school degree. It is in our county's best interest to use the investment already made by tax payers to ensure a prosperous economy for all of us.


Laura believes Johnson County College is uniquely positioned to offer a "last dollar" tuition-free associates degree to qualifying county residents.  At the minimum, Laura pledges to not raise fees or tuition for the next 4 years, ensuring that students can plan the cost of their education.  

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